🔥 The BEST SOCKS 🧦 to run in WINTER ❄️ (And the rest of the year too)

 Winter sports socks

Looking for warm socks to keep your toes warm in winter?

It's tempting to cut your mileage when winter comes around, but the idea of ​​not running just because it's cold is absurd. You are a runner, so of course you will keep running. You are going to record your km in snow and rain. Being a runner doesn't change just because it's cold - all you need to do is get yourself the right gear to stay warm and dry when the weather turns arctic. And a good winter kit starts with your socks, the base of protection for your feet. We've picked out some of our favorite winter socks for running, but first, a few things to consider when choosing that all-important first layer.

The fabric

Just as you normally want to avoid cotton socks for running in hot weather, the same is true in winter. Most manufacturers turn to COOLMAX for their winter socks. It is finer and softer than merino wool and has the ability to wick moisture away from the skin while trapping air between the fibers to help insulate you from the cold. While merino is incredibly comfortable, it is not particularly durable, which is why COOLMAX fabric is a better option to increase the durability of our socks. But the great thing about the COOLMAX is that its temperature-regulating properties also make it a good option for running in hot weather, so don't store these socks in the back of the drawer when spring thaws the trails. Think of them as "all-weather" socks.

Waterproof or not waterproof?

You can find plenty of waterproof running socks out there. But they are intended only for the most extreme weather. Typical waterproof socks place a waterproof layer between two knits.And although they are breathable, they are not as breathable as straight socks, so they trap heat. This is great when the temperature is 2 degrees and you are running through water, but in any other condition, it is not highly recommended.


Invisible socks, ankle length, mid-calf and knee-high: most brands offer multiple length options, even with their winter models. It's largely a personal choice, but consider a couple of things before making your decision. Will knee-high socks cover your skin enough to allow you to run in shorts during winter? If you run in leggings and wear mid-calf socks, will there be a gap between the fabrics around your ankle? Just think about how much skin you want exposed. And remember, some manufacturers make really attractive (or weird) knee high socks, and winter is the perfect time to break them down.

How We Test

Every pair of socks on this list have been thoroughly vetted by our athletes. Our team of experienced testers spent many hours and miles running and competing on the road and trails, and in cold, wet weather, wearing these socks. We evaluated them based on their performance, price, comfort, value, warmth and durability to compile this list.

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