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Calcetines de ciclismo para bici

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Cycling socks for men and women. High- knee, seamless, anti-odor, funky, original colors. Made in Spain.

All about our Cycling socks

High Performance Sports Socks
  • Sport socks are one of the most important technical as well as visual components of sportswear, regardless if used for road cycling, mountain cycling, or spinning. This limited-edition footwear stands out thanks to its original design and eye-catchy colors. Medium-low compression on the other hand makes it stay up on feet without sliding down or causing any type of discomfort. 
  • Our products fit the calf perfectly, leaving the feet dry and cool. The advanced technology used in the production process guarantee that they are breathable, humidity absorbent, and fast to dry, what significantly decreases the friction with the shoe, preventing possible blisters and corns. Practical fast drying after wash. One of the best possible choices of anti corn, moisture-wicking leisurewear currently available on the market. 
  • The most frequently used fabric in our sports clothing collection is antimicrobial, anti-irritation, anti-odor MERYL, which supports the natural foot skin balance. Additionally, the material makes the sock feel soft and delicate on your skin.
  • In terms of design, we offer knee-length, compressive athletic wear with grids in the padding ensuring your feet stay ventilated during cycling. Highly efficient properties answer the need of an active and athletic lifestyle. Combined with above ankle length, colorful and trendy prints they will definitely be visible and original addition to the sports wear.  To achieve the perfect fit to leg with a comfortable and soft material, an addition of Lycra has been added in a minimal amount. This solution makes them one of the most pleasant and enjoyable option on the market to choose from.

  • Socks for men, women, unisex. Perfect for road, mountain, and trail cycling, mountain bike, mountain terrain bike, btt, spinning, gravel bike or simply at the gym. For all levels, from beginners to advanced. Interesting choice to use in daily look should you like edgy style. Level of compression medium to low, padded and alleviating the sole, toes, and heel of the foot. Suitable for long and short distances. Try on and you will not regret it. Fabric: Meryl 57%, Lycra 22%, Nylon 11%, Elastic 10%.